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I had this painting on our resent Winter Exhibition. While it was hanging on the wall something didn’t feel right to me, it just didn’t feel finished, I couldn’t explain what it was that bothered me about it but there was something that had to change, so the very next day I took it off the wall and started working on it. I added paint, I added something without really knowing what it was but it felt good. I started to break down the tension in the painting, the tension put there by trying to reach a deadline. I broke down the fearful marks and replaced them with playful, confident and defiant marks. I added a part of my self which was missing all along. Most might not even notice the difference and that is okay but I feel better now. The chestnut mare in the painting is Emma, the darling horse that I am lucky to ride in the mornings.

Mags has been Painting


It has been a very long time since my mother has had so many paintings on display at one time and how I just love each one of them. They say that one should paint the things that one loves and judging from the care taken with each of these little characters it is unquestionable that my mother loves her chickens and geese. It was great fun to paint with my mother long into the cold winter nights with the fire going and the music playing I hope that there are still many of those nights ahead of us.

For those of you who would like a sneak peak at what will be on display at the exhibition, all the Current Work folders under the artists names have been updated. Hope to see you on Saturday.

Winter Exhibition 22 August 2015

E-Mail-BannerWe are having a Winter Exhibition on 22 August from 10:30am onwards at the studio in Noordhoek, there will be new paintings from all the artist and even if it is cold and wet we plan to have a nice fire and sherry to warm us from the inside. Hope to see you at the exhibition.

The Oak Tree


The Oak Tree is one straight from the heart. A good friend of mine was visiting me for a few days and we were talking about inspiration and being creative, tapping into that energy that comes from somewhere else that we try to find everyday but only get to taste on those few lucky days and then only for long enough to keep us showing up at the easel day after day hoping to hold onto that inspiration that seems to create beautiful things almost outside of us, as if it uses us only as a tool. We were so fired up just by talking about it that we decided to go out and paint anything we could find. I had always admired the Oak tree in the garden and happened to have a massive canvas that had a painting on it that I didn’t particularly care for so I dragged my easel and paints out into the garden and placed myself completely under the tree so that I was surrounded by it. I allowed the tree to show me how to look at it, painting the parts that my eyes were attracted to, I squeezed out huge amounts of paint and every time the though of cost came to my head I would say creativity is worth more than anything and I would squeeze out more. I was not trying to get a likeness of the shape of the tree, standing from a distance to see that I had put the branches in all the right places, instead I was trying to paint the way the tree made me feel when I looked at it and it filled me with joy and excitement and I still feel that way every time I look at it. It reminds me to keep searching.

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Limited Edition Prints



I am pleased to announce the launch of 5 limited edition Fine Art prints from my ‘Hunter Gatherer, faces of the khoisan‘ series, it is a small edition of only 25 prints per image. Each image is signed and printed on the highest quality 310g archival watercolor textured paper. The size of the prints of the woman are 440mm X590mm (excluding boarder) and the prints of the men are 355mm X590mm (excluding boarder).  After intensive research and testing and with the expert help of fine art photographer Peter Corbett in Hout Bay we managed to get the closest possible color match to the original paintings and I am truly pleased with the results.

 I am selling each print for only R2 700.00 (excluding postage) they come rolled in their own labeled cylinder for easy transport.

Please contact Lynne-Marie Eatwell for further details.

Banner at the Gate


 It is almost time for the Annual Summer Exhibition at the Eatwell Studio in Noordhoek, the entrance is on Noordhoek Main Rd just opposite the ‘Noordhoek Farm Village’. There will be all new work filling the walls of the studio as well as the main house, cheese and wine and many good conversations to be had. We look forward to seeing you there.

Hunter Gatherer, Faces of the Khoisan Exhibiting at the Orient Boutique Hotel, Pretoria



 The latest collection of paintings by Lynne-Marie Eatwell, ‘Hunter Gatherer, Faces of the Khoisan’ is currently on exhibition at the ‘Orient Boutique Hotel‘, just outside of pretoria. The Orient is also home to the famous ‘Restaurant Mosaic‘ The exhibition consists of portraits of ‘Khoisan’ people from north-eastern Namibia based of Lynne’s time spent with the communities there.  The exhibition will be running until November, you can make an appointment for viewing at 012 371 2902 or e-mail on the Orient web-site.

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Hunter Gatherer, Faces of the Khoisan


Anyone who might have noticed that there has been very little change to my ‘Current Work’ folder over the past few months might be mistaken in thinking that I have not been working, to the contrary I haven’t worked this hard in a long time. For the past year and a half I have been focused on a collection of portrait paintings of Khoisan people from north eastern Namibia. I still have a few pieces to complete before the work goes on exhibition at The Orient BoutiqueHotel, near Pretoria on 9 August 2014. If you would like to read more about my experience camping with the ‘Bushmen’ and see the paintings that I have been working on, I have created a page under the ‘Artists’ button called ‘Hunter Gatherer’



Visiting My Brother


At the beginning of January I flew to East London where Eric and his beautiful family where waiting to pick me up, from there we made the three hour drive to Molteno, a town in the Eastern Cape where Eric lives with his wife Annie, three year old son Jesse and dog Max.

It had been some time since I had visited my brother and we had been long over due for a bonding session. We both missed the days when we used to paint together in the garage, feeding off each others energy and learning from each other as we painted. I was feeing in need of some inspiration to help me out of a rut and after ten minutes of being there I knew I had come to the right place.

Everyday we would wake up at 5:30AM and go for a run in the surrounding hills, stopping to talk about life as we enjoyed the view over the dam. Then we would come home and play in the garden,planting all the cuttings and plants that Eric had been collecting for his garden, by 8AM we were in his studio painting.

His studio is an old building next to the garage, the walls are still made of clay and the bees were busy making their nests in them. Everywhere I turned was a dusty still life, dried flowers in old vases, rusty buckets and antique crates staked on top of each other, each one filled with a beautifully set up scene. My brothers paintings were all around me, I understood the colours he had been using, the low light and the feeling of dust. For the next week all we did was paint, the perfect way to bond with few words needing to be spoken, just a comment on a good choice of colour and an affirming grunt in response.

It was one of the best weeks I had had in a long time and I hope that that inspiration carries me through the year.

I look forward to when both my brothers will be visiting in Mid February.