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Watch painting demonstrations by Eric Oswald Eatwell. Join him on his everyday painting excursions from out doors to still life. These videos give an insightful look ¬†into Eric’s technique and personality. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to get his latest video posts.

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Painting Larochelle Nicholson by Lynne-Marie Eatwell

Watch the beginning of the life size oil painting of Larochelle Nicholson by South African Artist Lynne-Marie Eatwell as she tries to use the momentum of inspiration to tackle the challenges of portraiture.

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Speed painting yachts with Lynne-Marie Eatwell.

Watch South African artist, Lynne-Marie Eatwell start an oil painting of three yachts. The objective was to work as quickly and freely as possible to try to show aspiring artist the freedom and expression that can be found in oil painting.

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