Eric Oswald Eatwell

was born on 7 May 1974 and was raised in Johannesburg. The eldest brother in a family of three children, Eric is one of those true finds of raw natural talent sent to torment and frustrate teachers and professors at formal art teaching institutions. The elliptical peg that will never fit the round or square hole. 

Having said that, it is amazing that Eric spent so much time at school – National School of the Arts, Johannesburg Art College and three years at the Natal Technikon majoring in Fine Art. Eric paints very quickly in a painterly post-impressionist style using big, bold impasto strokes of the brush and knife. He is never frightened to accept what speed and passion have left on the canvas. Eric has painted professionally since 1995. He lives and works in Molteno a small town in the Eastern Cape, travelling to major cities when he has a body of work to sell.





Eatwell Gallery

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