The Oak Tree


The Oak Tree is one straight from the heart. A good friend of mine was visiting me for a few days and we were talking about inspiration and being creative, tapping into that energy that comes from somewhere else that we try to find everyday but only get to taste on those few lucky days and then only for long enough to keep us showing up at the easel day after day hoping to hold onto that inspiration that seems to create beautiful things almost outside of us, as if it uses us only as a tool. We were so fired up just by talking about it that we decided to go out and paint anything we could find. I had always admired the Oak tree in the garden and happened to have a massive canvas that had a painting on it that I didn’t particularly care for so I dragged my easel and paints out into the garden and placed myself completely under the tree so that I was surrounded by it. I allowed the tree to show me how to look at it, painting the parts that my eyes were attracted to, I squeezed out huge amounts of paint and every time the though of cost came to my head I would say creativity is worth more than anything and I would squeeze out more. I was not trying to get a likeness of the shape of the tree, standing from a distance to see that I had put the branches in all the right places, instead I was trying to paint the way the tree made me feel when I looked at it and it filled me with joy and excitement and I still feel that way every time I look at it. It reminds me to keep searching.

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