Visiting My Brother


At the beginning of January I flew to East London where Eric and his beautiful family where waiting to pick me up, from there we made the three hour drive to Molteno, a town in the Eastern Cape where Eric lives with his wife Annie, three year old son Jesse and dog Max.

It had been some time since I had visited my brother and we had been long over due for a bonding session. We both missed the days when we used to paint together in the garage, feeding off each others energy and learning from each other as we painted. I was feeing in need of some inspiration to help me out of a rut and after ten minutes of being there I knew I had come to the right place.

Everyday we would wake up at 5:30AM and go for a run in the surrounding hills, stopping to talk about life as we enjoyed the view over the dam. Then we would come home and play in the garden,planting all the cuttings and plants that Eric had been collecting for his garden, by 8AM we were in his studio painting.

His studio is an old building next to the garage, the walls are still made of clay and the bees were busy making their nests in them. Everywhere I turned was a dusty still life, dried flowers in old vases, rusty buckets and antique crates staked on top of each other, each one filled with a beautifully set up scene. My brothers paintings were all around me, I understood the colours he had been using, the low light and the feeling of dust. For the next week all we did was paint, the perfect way to bond with few words needing to be spoken, just a comment on a good choice of colour and an affirming grunt in response.

It was one of the best weeks I had had in a long time and I hope that that inspiration carries me through the year.

I look forward to when both my brothers will be visiting in Mid February.


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