Coming Home filled with ARTBLOCK


The temperature is pretending to drop in L.A. signaling the time for me to put on my giant 747 wings and take flight for S.A. My feet hit the ground on Thursday afternoon and my brush touches the canvas on Friday, that is assuming the jet lag takes its usual few days before setting in. I look forward to reclaiming my studio and filling the walls with new work. I feel excited and fired up after filling my heart with the things I learned in L.A. Probably the best experience of this trip was my interaction with the artist of Venice Beach who got together and started something called ARTBLOCK. They opened their studios to the public on 13 October and were visited by hundreds of locals. I made friends, real friends and saw what could happen when people work together. Many like the idea of a studio swop with South African Artists so if there is anyone interested let me know.

See you all soon

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