The Red Door

My Dad and I went to hunt for treasures at one of our favorite places on Earth, Ross Demolishers. We were digging through mountains of old wood looking for old flooring boards that we could use in the kitchen of yet another house that my parents were building. When ever we went to Ross I would always keep an eye out for some special piece that could one day be used in my imaginative “One Day” house or studio. One day when I have a house of my own It would have big windows and a massive art studio all to myself were I could work in all day, space for woodwork, sculpture, photography and painting, you name it I would have the space to do it in this “One Day” studio. I would often find massive Cape Dutch window frames that had been yanked out of some unfortunate old house that should probably have been treated more like a monument than old bones that needed to be torn down. I would never buy these windows, doors or old wooden beams as the reality of my “One Day House” still seemed a far off dream and knowing how often my parents moved I knew that anything that I bought would have to be moved as well.

So when we arrived to start our search for old floor boards, I turned a corner and there it was, a beautiful red door. My heart stopped and love blinded me to any other wood in the yard. My birthday was coming up and when my dad saw the look on my face he knew that he found a good present so he offered to buy it for me. The owner of Ross was standing next to us at the time and I quickly reached for his hand to shake in the sale deal, making him promise not to sell it to anyone else while we continued our shopping. As our hands let go another man came running up to the door exclaiming, its perfect, I must have it, how much is it? “Sorry mister that door is mine! ” He pleaded with me saying how he needed it for a renovation for a clients house, but there was little he could say to get me to give him the door. It was my “One Day” studio door.

The door came home with us that day and was stored in the garage for a long time, needless to say it has been moved three times from one garage to another, but in the end it has found it’s home. This is not as big as the “One Day studio” I had in mind but it is a start.

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