EmbraceI have finally finished my first life size bronze sculpture called ‘Embrace’ it was a real challenge and a great learning curve for me. I did all the fettling and welding work myself as well as the patina and the construction of the base. It is a real sense of accomplishment to finally see it complete after all the hard work. It is number 1 in an edition of 3 and is now available for sale.

Summer Exhibition 2017

Poster2017Please join us at our Studio on 16-20 December for our annual Summer Exhibition. It has been an exciting year and we have all learned and achieved so much. We would love to show you our latest work and share in your company over a glass of wine. We will be open from 10am- 6pm daily. Looking forward to seeing you

Decorex Joburg 9-13 August 2017


The Eatwell Gallery will be exhibiting at the Decorex Expo in Johannesburg from the 9 -13 August at the Gallagher Convention Centre. This year they have a section dedicated to Art in the Ballroom area. This is the first time that we will be exhibiting at Decorex so we hope that it is a good experience. Please come and see us if you are in the area. All three the Eatwell’s will be there, Eric, Lynne and Mags showing off our latest work.

Summer exhibition Opening this weekend 17-21 December 2016

Latest painting by Lynne-Marie Eatwell

Latest painting by Lynne-Marie Eatwell

Please join us for a glass of wine at our studio this weekend and come and have a look at this years collection of work. We look forward to chatting and showing you what we have been busy with.

Getting ready for our Annual Summer Exhibition


Over the last year Eric has spent a great deal of time painting out doors or ‘Plein Air painting’ as they say, capturing every aspect of small town life in the Eastern Cape. I would say that he has seen the light as is evident in his masterful use of colour so playfully and sensitively expressed in this new body of work. Over the next few weeks we will be uploading all the new work that will be on exhibit to the website. We hope that you will join us for a glass of wine and conversation on the opening days to see the work in person and meet the artists. The exhibition will feature the latest work by Eric Oswald Eatwell, Lynne-Marie Eatwell and Mags Eatwell.

Summer Exhibition 2016


We are getting ready for our annual Summer Exhibition which will be held from 17 to 21 December and hope that you will be joining us.

Working on Horses

Half Scale replica by Lynne-Marie Eatwell

Half Scale replica by Lynne-Marie Eatwell

I know I have been quiet the past few months but I have a good reason, I have been working on a series of anatomical studies of horses and have recently completed this half scale replica of a horse made from plaster and steal. I hope one day to have it cast in bronze. I have also been working on a quarter scale version which also shows the muscles on the one side as well as several other sculptures of horses not to mention new paintings. Slowly but surly I am building up a collection of work while also creating a solid understanding of what the horse is. I hope to have a solo show based on the work but admit that I still have a great deal of work to do.

Summer Exhibition 2015


We are all getting ready for our annual Summer Exhibition

Rachel’s Goede Gifts


This is one of my new paintings of the fishermen on Fish Hoek Beach that I will be having on display at Rachel’s Goede Gift Christmas show on Wednesday 18th  between 17:00 & 19:00 and Thursday 19th 10:00 till 16:00

There will be lots of really wonderful things for sale so it is really worth going. The address is No.8 Goede Gift Rd, off Ranciman Drive, Simon’s Town there is an invitation posted on our Facebook page that shows a map.

Home From the Common


I had this painting on our resent Winter Exhibition. While it was hanging on the wall something didn’t feel right to me, it just didn’t feel finished, I couldn’t explain what it was that bothered me about it but there was something that had to change, so the very next day I took it off the wall and started working on it. I added paint, I added something without really knowing what it was but it felt good. I started to break down the tension in the painting, the tension put there by trying to reach a deadline. I broke down the fearful marks and replaced them with playful, confident and defiant marks. I added a part of my self which was missing all along. Most might not even notice the difference and that is okay but I feel better now. The chestnut mare in the painting is Emma, the darling horse that I am lucky to ride in the mornings.